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How Liberty Mutual used the REIN Platform to launch an embedded insurance program


Complex insurance innovation, simplified.

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest global insurers and the third largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. The team at Liberty Mutual is driven by a culture of relentless problem solving and product innovation to continue delivering the most valuable products and services to their customers when, where and how they need them.

To adapt to the evolving digital insurance landscape, Liberty Mutual leveraged its strategic partnership with REIN to:

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Elevate and amplify its team

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Launch an emerging risk insurance program

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Expand its data analytics capabilities

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Meet ROI/business metrics

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Experiment and innovate without impacting core team and systems


swift results with REIN

channels for
customer choice
digital experience
of FNOLs reported
the same day

Liberty Mutual was ahead of the connected insurance curve. The team anticipated the impact of connectivity and digitization before it became widespread. In partnership with REIN, Liberty Mutual proactively developed products and services that could keep up with the evolving insurance landscape.


The future of insurance, today.

In keeping with their problem-solving culture, Liberty Mutual’s innovation team challenged themselves with five core focus areas:

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Augment learnings and tactics around digital insurance models

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Increase speed-to-market for digital insurance programs

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Offer flexible insurance products such as UBI and annual policy hybrids

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Create embedded insurance experiences

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Achieve elite underwriting through advanced data visibility and analytics

“Our team is deeply cognizant of the challenges posed by our ever-changing world and how that impacts the current and emerging risks we have to understand and underwrite. In order to get ahead of this systemic shift in insurance, we had to act swiftly and embrace an inventive approach  that’s why we engaged with REIN.”
Brendan Smyth

Brendan Smyth 
Senior Vice President, Global Risk Solutions Innovation at Liberty Mutual Insurance


A platform for simplified and flexible innovation

The strategic partnership stemmed from the challenges and opportunities that Liberty Mutual outlined for their business. The teams collaboratively explored solutions and created a tactical roadmap towards results.

Liberty Mutual’s ideal technology partner criteria includes:

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Deep technology, insurance and risk expertise

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Flexible platform approach that’s configurable to meet LM’s unique needs and goals

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Tech that’s designed for scalability and expansion

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Platform solution that enables innovation with ease

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Working with a talented team that has a track-record of successful growth in partnership with a global corporation

REIN is a technology company powering complex digital insurance programs that seamlessly connects global brands with insurance capacity. Through our configurable platform and managing general agent license, REIN forges an innovate-as-you-go approach that allows global brands and insurers to explore new product and program opportunities based on their business’ unique needs. 
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Embedded insurance for emerging risk

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Commercial drone market by 2024*

*Commercial Drone Market Report, February 2018 by GM Insights

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There is a market need for integrated and episodic commercial drone insurance solution and Liberty Mutual needed a platform that can help:

  • Handle the complexity
  • Transform data into decisions
  • Embed insurance experiences within leading drone points of sale
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Deploy the full breadth of the REIN platform to easily design, launch and manage a fully digital insurance program.

  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Regulatory
  • Eligibility
  • Rating
  • Full insurance lifecycle
  • Underwriting
  • Straight-through processing
  • Data science
  • First Notice Of Loss
  • Document generation
  • Marketing & customer support
  • Embedded distribution within POS

On-demand drone insurance, available digitally, in real-time. 
“REIN’s simplified approach to insurance innovation transformed our ability to seamlessly deliver unique risk solutions and better understand emerging markets. With the REIN platform, we set out to solve critical gaps in the commercial drone insurance market: offering UBI; ability to secure insurance digitally, in real-time; and multi-channel product distribution through leading drone software and hardware ecosystems.”
Michael Gosselin-1

Michael Gosselin
Chief Underwriting Officer  Specialty at Liberty Specialty Markets


Prudent path to results

Embedded Distribution

States where product is available

Brand integrations

Product Flexibility

Digital experience

Episodic & Annual

Data-driven Underwriting & Eligibility

Rating factors

1.8 billion
Telematics data points

Claims Optimization

Digital FNOL report generation

Of FNOLs reported
the same day

Customer Experience


Insurance purchase process

COI generation and addition of Additional Insured

Speed to Market

Increase in speed-to-market for
digital insurance program

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